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Dr Swati Attam

Dr. Swati Attam

Gyne   |   Aesthetics   |   Laser

Dr. Swati has expanded the horizon of routine gynae and obstetrics practice into cosmetology and aesthetic for women. She is a certified aesthetician from Greifswald university, Germany.

Acne, hyper pigmentation, melasma , unwanted fascia land body hair, scaring, stretch marks, hair fall are common problems among women due to hormonal changes of adolescence, pregnancy and menopause. She has made her clinic a one stop place for women who want to look beautiful inside and out.

Dr Swati obtained her MBBS Degree from prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College , Delhi and then she did her Post graduation in Obstetrics & Gynecology with Honors . Areas of her expertise are adolescent health and polycyostic ovarian syndrome . She has 15 years of total work experience . Of this , first six years were spent at St Stephens Hospital Delhi which is known for excellence in Gynecology . During subsequent nine years she has worked in various Hospitals in India & abroad . During long years of professional journey she gained excellence in handling all kinds of obstetrics & Gynaecology procedures. She is a voracious reader and keeps herself updated about the latest developments in medical field . She firmly believes that the gap between medicine and health can best be bridged by taking care of fitness , life style , nutrition and preventive care.