Yellow fever vaccination in noida

Vaccinate yourself and your loved ones against yellow fever to ensure healthy and stress-free global travel.


One dose, lifelong protection! Get vaccinated against yellow fever to protect against serious disease and meet travel health requirements.

    Best Yellow Fever Vaccination Center in Noida

    We provide a dedicated Yellow Fever Vaccination service at our clinic to protect your health and well-being when visiting regions where Yellow Fever is endemic. We offer a comprehensive, well-informed, and effective immunization procedure since we understand how important this vaccine is for travelers and specific communities. In addition to being adept at giving the vaccination, our team of knowledgeable medical experts also provides specific travel health advice and important knowledge regarding Yellow Fever. We work hard to create a welcoming environment for every one of you because we recognize the concerns that come with health risks tied to travel. The safe administration and storage of vaccines are guaranteed by our clinic’s adherence to the highest standards of healthcare practices. We are also an officially authorized center for Yellow Fever vaccination and provide the official certification needed for travel to countries where this vaccination is a mandatory entry requirement. 

    Yellow Fever Vaccine Benefits

    Immune Response

    The vaccine provides long-lasting protection against Yellow Fever and successfully stimulates the immune system to create antibodies against the Yellow Fever virus. 

    High Efficacy Rate

    Based on clinical research, vaccination against yellow fever has a success rate of over 90% in protecting vaccinated patients against illness. 

    Long-Term Protection

    After receiving a vaccination, most people develop lifetime immunity, which reduces the need for recurrent vaccinations and guarantees long-term defense against the virus. 

    Control of Outbreaks

    The vaccine lowers the frequency of Yellow Fever in endemic areas and stops its spread to new areas. Widespread immunization has proven crucial in managing outbreaks.

    Consult for Yello Fever Vaccination

    Clinic Overview

    Xpert Medicare Clinic specializes in providing Yellow Fever vaccinations to ensure your safety and well-being during travels to areas where this virus is prevalent. We provide comprehensive and competent service that is tailored to each client’s specific medical needs. Our skilled medical staff follows stringent medical guidelines to administer the vaccine with utmost care and precision. Additionally, we inform our patients about the dangers of yellow fever, how to prevent it, and how crucial immunization is. Our facility upholds the highest standards and strictest guidelines for handling and storing vaccines, ensuring their effectiveness. Our goal is to simplify and relieve the complexities associated with your immunization procedure by acknowledging the complications of travel health. We also offer formal certification that is necessary for entry into some nations.


    Vaccination Specialist

    Dr Swati Attam

    MBBS | DGO | Consultant
    Obstetrician & Gynaecologist | Cosmetologist | Aesthetician
    Dr. Swati is a certified obstetrician, gynecologist, and aesthetician with 15 years of experience in women's health. Recognized for her compassionate approach and dedication to providing comprehensive care, she has expanded routine gynae and obstetrics practice into cosmetology and aesthetics for women.


    What Our Patients Says

    Sai Abhijeet

    My face was covered with extreme acne and also left many scars after Consulting Doctor Swati Attam, I started seeing results very quickly. Thank you –

    Sai Abhijeet

    Zahid Anwer

    I went to him to get this yellow fever vaccine and OPV polio vaccine for African countries. She is very cooperative and a very good doctor. She gave me all the information about it.

    Zahid Anwer

    Akash Mehto

    One of the best aesthetic centers with good experience and advanced technology in cosmetic procedures. Thanks to Dr Swati Attam

    Akash Mehto


    Doctor Swati is the best gynecologist. She truly cares for her patients


    Kanchan Uttam

    I was suffering from severe acne due to hormonal imbalance. I found a single-step solution here at Dr. Swati’s clinic for both my gynecological and cosmetology needs!

    Kanchan Uttam

    Sneha Ganguly

    Thanks to the latest MRF treatment my skin is really plumped up and glowing. I really appreciate your efforts and looking forward to a few more sittings. 👍👍

    Sneha Ganguly

    Aparna Trivedi

    Half your problem is solved when your doctor listens to your problem. Dr Swati invests time in understanding patients in and out. She has been my Gynae since my daughter’s birth and now she is my daughter’s Gynae too.

    Aparna Trivedi

    Natasha Bisht

    It was wonderful meeting Dr. Swati Attam. She was very sweet, polite, and joyful. She explained to us about the yellow fever card and all related precautions. Thankful to her for such an experience

    Natasha Bisht

    Mahendra Sehgal

    We had gone to take yellow fever vaccination. Dr. Swati is a very soft and compassionate doctor. She explained the complete nuances of the vaccination including costs. Her clinic is very neat, clean, hygienic, and cute little place

    Mahendra Sehgal

    Before my volunteer mission in South America, I visited this clinic for the Yellow Fever vaccine. The staff was friendly and the procedure was quick and comfortable.
    Winson Herry
    I've been to numerous clinics for vaccinations, but this one truly impressed me with its helpfulstaff. The team was knowledgeable, efficient, and empathetic and made me feel at ease. 
    Winson Herry
    Thanks to Dr. Swati and her team at the clinic. Her expertise and warm approach made my experience comfortable.
    Winson Herry


    Know Us Better

    Medical Experts

    Led by Dr. Swati, our clinic's staff is exceptionally skilled in travel medicine. We keep up with the most recent developments in yellow fever vaccination, so you can be sure that the care you receive is professional and supported by the most recent medicinal findings.

    Personalized Treatment & Education

    We provide individualized treatment based on your travel requirements because we adhere to a patient-centered philosophy. Our staff takes the time to inform you about Yellow Fever, its dangers, and protective measures so that you can travel safely.

    Modern Vaccine Management

    We uphold the strictest guidelines for the administration and storage of vaccines. To guarantee that each dose of the yellow fever vaccination is effective and offers you dependable protection against the virus, we leverage the most recent techniques.

    Convenient Experience

    Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities when designing our clinic. We make the Yellow Fever vaccination process easy with a quick immunization procedure, short wait times, and a friendly atmosphere. 


    Things you can ask

    Yellow fever is a serious viral infection spread by certain types of mosquitoes. It’s found in parts of Africa, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

    The vaccine is recommended for people aged 9 months or older who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus transmission.

    Some countries require proof of vaccination for entry. Check the travel requirements for your destination before your trip.

    Please check our website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information on our operating hours.

    We recommend making an appointment to ensure vaccine availability and reduce wait times. However, walk-ins are accepted based on vaccine availability.

    Please call our clinic or use our online booking system to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Notice period requirements can be found on our website.

    We can accommodate groups and families, but please inform us in advance so we can ensure adequate vaccine supply and staffing.

    Avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs 24 hours before your appointment. Wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm.

    Yes, a digital copy can be provided upon request. However, always carry your original ICVP during travel.

    Absolutely. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our healthcare providers to discuss any health concerns or questions.

    The appointment usually takes about 30 minutes, including consultation, vaccination, and post-vaccination observation.

    Yes, we offer reminder services via email or text message. Please provide your contact details when scheduling your appointment.

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