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Cost of Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery in Noida, India – Dr SwatiAttam

Tubectomy, a process of blocking the egg from reaching the fallopian tubes, is a preventive measure to avoid accidental pregnancy. It is a part of family planning where the couple opts for this surgery after achieving their family goals. While there are many other ways of preventing pregnancy, it is the one that offers total protection. Hence, you can practice safe sex without needing to use external contraceptives.

There are many ways of doing a tubectomy, but one of the most common and efficient ones is laparoscopic tubal ligation. It is based on the advanced surgical procedure called laparoscopy, where the incision is comparatively smaller than that of other surgical procedures. Here you’ll learn the cost of Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery the benefits of laparoscopy for tubectomy and the ways to manage its cost. 

What is Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation?

In simple words, Laparoscopic tubal ligation just means getting your tubes tied. This procedure involves blocking or sealing your fallopian tubes. By doing so, your eggs will not be able to reach your fallopian tubes, and there will be no fertilization. So, in this way, you will be able to prevent any chances of pregnancy. Hence, laparoscopic tubal ligation is a surgical method if you want to go for permanent birth control. 

How is the Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Performed?

You should be relieved to know that it is a minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, laparoscopic tubal ligation is also performed under general anesthesia. In this, a surgeon will make a small incision near your navel and insert a laparoscope, which is a thin tube with a camera. It will help the surgeon see your fallopian tubes on a screen. After this, through one or two small incisions, other surgical instruments are inserted to block, cut, or seal your tubes. Most importantly, the entire procedure only takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Cost of Tubectomy in India through Lapatoscopy

In India, the average cost of laparoscopy for tubectomy can be between ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. Laparoscopy typically costs more than other surgical procedures, but family planning operations for females costs through laparoscopy do not have a big difference. Keeping in mind that this surgery is quicker and safer than other surgeries, it is the best available option for tubectomy. However, the cost may vary on various factors, so let’s look at the factors that can make a difference in the tubectomy operation cost. 

Factors Affecting the Laparoscopy Family Planning Cost

Let’s now look at the factors that can affect the cost of laparoscopic tubal ligation. 

1) Type and Location of Hospital

If you choose a government hospital for the laparoscopy, then it will cost you less than the private hospitals. But you may have to wait longer to get your surgery done from a government hospital. Moreover, finding a government hospital with laparoscopy available is also tricky. 

Additionally, your location can also affect the price of surgery. While the average cost, as mentioned above, is between ₹20,000 to ₹30,000, the same surgery may cost you around ₹50,000-80,000 in Noida, Delhi.

2) Preoperative Tests

Before the operation starts, some important tests should be done. The cost of these tests affects the total cost of operation as well. In some hospitals, the tests are done within the hospital premises, which may not increase the cost much. But if you have to get your test done from labs, it may cost you more. 

3) Hospital Stay

When choosing a hospital, the stay per day and night is a significant cost that adds up to the total cost of surgery. If you choose an economy room, then it will cost you less, while the other room types will cost more. However, an advantage of choosing laparoscopy is that the recovery in this procedure is faster, so you don’t have to pay a lot of room charges after the surgery.

These are the factors that affect the cost of surgery. By choosing the hospital wisely and getting your tests done from economical labs, you effectively manage the cost of surgery. 

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Benefits of Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Over Other Methods

There are several advantages of Laparoscopic tubal ligation. Firstly, it is a minimally invasive procedure. Hence, it involves smaller incisions, so there is less pain and quicker recovery. Moreover, it is a highly effective method for permanent contraception. So, you will not have to spend any more money on any other type of birth control. Also, the risk of complications is extremely low, and you can return to normal activities within a week.

Common Misconceptions about the Procedure

As convenient as this method is, there are still some misconceptions about this procedure in society. One of the common myths is that it can affect hormonal balance or menstrual cycle. However, this is not true, as it only stops your egg from reaching the fallopian tubes. Another misconception is that it is easily reversible. Now, even though it is possible to reverse ligation, it is a complicated process and may not always be successful. So, you should be very clear before you opt for this surgery. Also, many people believe that it is more dangerous than other contraceptive methods. However, it is generally a safer option if you get it performed by a skilled surgeon.

Financial Assistance and Insurance

1) Government schemes and subsidies for family planning operations

In India, the government offers several schemes that cover the cost of your family planning operations. Hence, they can also cover the cost of your tubal ligation. Such programs are made to keep these procedures affordable. They can even be free of cost for women, especially if you come from a low-income family. Moreover, government hospitals also provide these services at little or no cost. 

2) Insurance coverage: what’s included and what’s not

If you have health insurance, check whether it covers the cost of laparoscopic tubal ligation. The coverage can include doctors’ fees, hospital stays as well as surgery costs. However, you should carefully check the details as not all insurance plans cover family planning operations. Some plans may only cover some of the parts, while others may exclude them entirely.

So, you can check if your insurance covers female sterilization costs by reviewing your policy documents. Also, you can contact your insurance provider directly and ask them. You should ask questions about the costs. Furthermore, you can inquire if any out-of-pocket expenses can occur. 

3) Applying for financial aid or low-cost options

Now, if you don’t have insurance or a policy that does not cover the procedure, you still have other options. Many clinics and hospitals can offer you financial aid or payment plans. Also, you can look out for NGOs that provide support for family planning services. You can simply apply for these options by filling out forms and providing them with proof of income.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, this is all you need to know about the cost of tubectomy in India through laparoscopy. It is a very good procedure for tubectomy. Moreover, if you have insurance that covers tubectomy, then you can even get it done for free. Tubectomy is an important part of family planning as it helps you stick to your family goals. 

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