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Cost of Uterus Surgery in Noida, India – DrSwatiAttam

Are you or your loved one dealing with a uterus-related medical problem? If yes, then the doctor may recommend a uterus removal surgery in case of problems like uterus cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. However, you should be aware of the surgery options available for the removal of the uterus and their costs to get the treatment done without paying extra for the surgery. That’s why we have compiled this blog for you, where you’ll learn about the cost of uterus removal surgery, the factors that affect its cost, and tips to manage the cost of uterus surgery. 

Understanding Uterus Surgery

There are different types of uterus surgeries that females can undergo. One such surgery is Laparoscopic surgery, which uses small cuts and a camera to help your doctor see inside. Next is traditional surgery, also known as open surgery. In this, a large incision is made to open your abdomen. Furthermore, there is laser surgery that uses a laser beam to remove or repair parts of your uterus. 

But the question is, when do you need to undergo these surgeries? Well, uterus surgeries are needed if you develop problems like fibroids. Now, fibroids are noncancerous growths that require removal. Another reason for surgery is endometriosis, in which tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus grows outside it. Most importantly, you will need uterus surgery if you get cancer in your uterus. Such conditions often cause pain, heavy bleeding, and other issues. Hence, surgery becomes a necessary option in these cases.

Uterus Removal Surgery Cost in India

Now, let’s talk about the uterus removal surgery cost in Noida, India. As discussed above, there are multiple types of uterus removal surgeries, so we will cover the cost of three of the most common ones. 

Firstly, let’s examine the laparoscopy price in India as it is the most efficient and effective way to remove the uterus. It has low risk and fast recovery, so doctors commonly refer to this surgery in most cases. It is also known as laser surgery, and this laser surgery for uterus removal costs at least ₹70,000. However, the surgery cost can be higher based on the location and type of hospital. For instance, the laparoscopy cost in Delhi can be around ₹78,000 to ₹1,26,000. 

Other than the laparoscopy, the traditional vaginal hysterectomy is also the type of surgery for uterus removal. It is comparatively cheaper and costs around ₹50,000 to ₹60,000. 

However, being a traditional surgery, it is not as advanced as the laser uterus removal surgery or laparoscopy. So, it is used for very specific scenarios. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Uterus Removal Surgery

Be it the laparoscopy or the other method, some factors influence the uterus removal surgery cost. Let’s discuss some of these factors. 

1) Type of Surgery

As you read above, the type of surgery makes a significant difference in the cost of the Operation. While the traditional vaginal hysterectomy is a cheaper option, laparoscopy is the more efficient one. So, yes, laparoscopy does cost more than the traditional one but ensures faster recovery and less risk. 

2) Type of Hospital

You have two options for such surgeries when choosing a hospital. You can either go to a private hospital or a government hospital. While government hospitals don’t charge for the surgery or partially charge for it, private hospitals don’t give you any such discount. However, the facilities and patient service are mostly better in private hospitals. 

3) Location

As you just saw above, the cost of laparoscopy in Delhi is higher than the average in India. The same is the case with any other surgery, too. The surgery costs are typically higher in tier 1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. 

4) Doctor’s Fees

The doctor’s fees can be different based on the doctor’s experience. If the doctor is well experienced, the fee is mostly higher than that of a doctor with lesser experience. 

5) Insurance Coverage

If the disease that the patient is dealing with comes under the covered disease of their insurance, the cost of surgery comes down significantly, even at zero. So, it’s also a factor that decodes the cost of surgery. 

These are the factors that influence the cost of surgery for uterus removal. By choosing the hospital and insurance wisely, you can significantly reduce the cost. So, let’s now look at the tips that can help you to manage the cost of uterus surgery effectively. 

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Tips for Managing Uterus Surgery Costs

It can be a challenge to manage the cost of uterus surgery. However, there are many ways in which you can make it affordable. 

1) Insurance

Health insurance is one of the best ways to manage the cost of uterus surgeries. However, you need to check whether your insurance plan covers the specific types of surgery you need. Then, you should contact your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage. It should at least include pre and post-operative care. Also, ensure you get a list of network hospitals where your insurance can be accepted. It is very important as it will significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses

Moreover, if you have the option, then choose complete health insurance. It is because it will cover a wide range of treatments and procedures. Most importantly, you should keep the records of all your medical bills. It will help your insurance provider ensure smooth claim processing.

2) Government Schemes and Subsidies

In India, you can benefit from several government schemes that help reduce the cost of your uterus surgery. Such schemes like the PM-JAY offer low-income families financial assistance for healthcare. If you are eligible, you can receive coverage of up to INR 5 lakh per year for secondary and tertiary hospital care. However, checking if you qualify for any government schemes or subsidies is important. You will also need to know how to apply for these schemes. Also, some state governments have their own health schemes. You can also apply for additional support from them.

3) Choosing the Right Hospital

One of the most important ways of reducing costs is to select the right hospital. By doing so, you can manage surgery costs without compromising the quality of care you get. So, you should look for hospitals with a good reputation for performing uterus surgeries. Also, it would help if you considered both public and private hospitals. Public hospitals offer lower costs, but private hospitals may provide more comfort and better services. 

In addition, you should also compare the cost of surgery in different hospitals. Ensure that it includes hidden costs like medications, follow-ups, and recovery aids. Reading reviews and talking to patients undergoing the same procedure is also helpful. Most importantly, you should ensure that the hospital you choose should have experienced surgeons. Also, if the hospital has modern medical facilities, it will ensure the best possible care for you.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these are the types of surgery options available for uterus removal and the average cost of them. While there are many options, the safest and best one is undoubtedly laparoscopy. It’s not the cheapest, but its benefits, like faster recovery and safe procedure, make it cost-effective in the long run. For example, post-surgery hospitalisation in laparoscopy is lessless than that of other surgeries, saving you the hospital room charge.

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