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Simple and Effective Exercises for a Smooth Normal Delivery

In India, you’ll always see doctors recommending normal delivery for childbirth. The reason is that vaginal delivery is good for both mother and baby as it has a lower risk of complications. But being natural it doesn’t allow the use of medications like anaesthesia. 

So the pain during delivery is one of the most common concerns. However, with regular exercise during pregnancy, you can prepare yourself for the delivery in a natural way.  

1) Walking 

The first exercise for normal delivery is Just walking. Walking is a simple yet effective exercise to do during pregnancy. It strengthens the lower body’s muscles which are responsible for the contraction of the vaginal muscles when a woman gives birth to a child. Moreover, the best thing about this exercise is that it doesn’t need any equipment to perform. You can go walking two times a day to keep yourself active. 

2) Squats

When the baby in the womb remains in the best birthing position, it constitutes the least pain while delivering. An amazing exercise to make it possible is squats. It is the best exercise for normal delivery as it strengthens your lower half in the least amount of time. 

3) Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is an Indian exercise that includes multiple poses to stretch your muscles. It is a great normal delivery exercise in the 9th month as well. It not only strengthens you but also enhances your flexibility which is good for vaginal delivery. Moreover, many yoga poses are also best for your lower back which mostly gets affected during pregnancy. 

4) Breathing Exercises

One of the simplest exercises for normal delivery in the 9th month is a breathing exercise. You can start the exercise from the 5th month of the pregnancy. The main benefit of this exercise is providing better blood and oxygen circulation which is good for both the baby and the mother. Additionally, it also helps fight anxiety and stress. 

5) Pelvic Tils

Training your abdomen while pregnant is good for releasing back pain. Moreover, performing pelvic tilts is also easy as it doesn’t need any additional equipment. 

Benefits of Exercise for a Pregnant Lady for Normal Delivery

Now that you know what exercise you can do for a normal delivery, let’s also explore its benefits. It has not one but multiple benefits for normal delivery. Here are some of its benefits:

1) Lowers the Risks of Complications

During pregnancy, a woman and the child in her womb are always a risk of complications. For example, if the child during birth remains in the wrong position, it leads to much more pain for the woman than usual. Doing exercise lowers the risk of such complications. So, it makes your delivery a little more comfortable and free from any risks.

2) Treats Common Aches and Other Problems

There are some common problems and aches which make the pregnancy period harder for any woman. Starting exercise from the early pregnancy period can help in lowering such pains a lot. Some common problems that a woman faces during pregnancy are lower back pain, pelvic pain, and constipation, and exercise can heal almost all of these problems. 

3) Helps in Weight Management

During pregnancy, weight imbalance is quite common. Women don’t realize their weight gain due to the baby bump. However, after delivery, the increased weight may cause multiple problems. With regular exercise, you can manage your weight before and after pregnancy. It promotes the burning of adequate calories and maintaining the metabolism. 

Summing Up

With these five exercises, you can be ready for natural delivery. It is good to decide on a natural delivery as it is not only good during delivery but also has benefits after delivering the child. So, go for the natural delivery if your doctor has advised you, and make your ready with the help of exercises and yoga.


Q1) When should the exercise start for normal delivery?

A) The exercises that help in the delivery can be started in the second trimester of the pregnancy. However, starting exercise from the beginning is also good. But since the uterine contractions and abdominal cramping start in the second trimester, you should start exercising to ease the pain and muscle relaxation. The exercises to do in this period are walking, squats, breathing exercises, etc.

Q2) When to start exercise after normal delivery?

A) In case of a vaginal delivery, exercise can be started after a few days of giving birth. Since it takes a lot less to recover from a vaginal delivery, you can start the regular exercise routine as soon as you feel good. Exercise after delivery is an important activity as many women gain weight over the pregnancy period, and it only becomes visible after the delivery. Also, exercise can help you with recovery, making it faster.

Q3) Is exercise important for normal delivery?

A) Absolutely, yes, exercise is important for normal delivery. The stretching of muscles around the vagina makes delivery much easier. So, you may not feel the pain as much as normally defined during the vaginal delivery. Moreover, exercises are also found effective for positioning the baby in the womb, which again makes the delivery easier. Not only does the mother feel less pain, but the risk of the baby getting into the wrong position in the womb also gets lower.

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